[live review] motor @ electrowerkz, islington

June 20, 2010

Concert date: June 19, 2010

Motor performing at Electrowerkz on June 19th 2010

A low-key but high-decibel gig kept a small audience (very small – not much more than 50 people) suitably pummelled by machine music at Islington’s Electrowerkz club last night. Presumably showcasing their most recent release, Hyper Machine, Motor (New Yorker Bryan Black and Frenchman Mr. No) seem to have shifted the balance in their industrial techno sound from the former to the latter since their earlier Novamute releases, Klunk and Unhuman.

Consequently it leant it a little too heavily on the usual acid get-the-crowd-going techniques (sine wave glissandos, etc.), and occasionally failed to lock into a groove for long enough to capture me completely, but it packed a considerable sonic punch nevertheless.

The evening provided a notable gig first for me (apart from no queues for the bar). It was the first live music event I’d been to that laid on a cold buffet for the attendees. Unfortunately – I’d like to think – I wasn’t hungry.


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