[live review] rammstein @ o2, london

February 26, 2012

Concert date: February 24, 2012

Rammstein, "Engel", live at the O2, London, February 24th 2012

Almost two years to the day, Rammstein return to London, this time to the O2. While the key set pieces in the show were present last time around, the performance lost none of its impact, musically or in the jaw-dropping staging. Simply stunning. I refer you to my 2010 review for more details.

Video on YouTube:

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5 Responses to “[live review] rammstein @ o2, london”

  1. rossco92 Says:

    Kickass staging. The audience look pretty in to the show.

  2. Annamaria Says:

    Absolutely fantastic!

  3. Irina Says:

    I will go again when if they come back to London!
    Wicked guys!Unbelievable Show, great sound!

  4. Mathias Says:

    Have seen the band 8 times during the last 7 years. Always an incredible experience. Which one of the London gigs did you like the most (the 2010 or ’12?)

    • close to 94 Says:

      @Mathias – thanks for commenting. I preferred the 2012 – that’s partly because I had a better view this time round, but the overall experience just edged the 2010 for me.

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