Concert date: February 24, 2012

Rammstein, "Engel", live at the O2, London, February 24th 2012

Almost two years to the day, Rammstein return to London, this time to the O2. While the key set pieces in the show were present last time around, the performance lost none of its impact, musically or in the jaw-dropping staging. Simply stunning. I refer you to my 2010 review for more details.

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Concert date: February 4, 2010

I lost my Rammstein-live virginity last night. I was a little nervous beforehand – I’d heard good things about it, but wondered whether I’d enjoy it. Would it hurt? I needn’t have worried.

For the uninitiated: Rammstein gigs are the Cirque du Soleil of the heavy rock live circuit – genre-bending spectacle with generous (and knowing) touches of Spinal Tap humour. All the ingredients were there:

  • High concept band entrance? Certainly
  • Fireworks? Many
  • Smoke? Like a hundred chimneys
  • Walls and columns of fire? A liberal sprinkling
  • Exploding bath tub? Indeed
  • Flamethrowing? Yep
  • Man set on fire? One
  • Penis-shaped foam spraying machine which the lead singer straddles? Naturally
  • Multi-directional treadmill so that the keyboardist can walk while playing? Understandably
  • Crowd-surfing in a rubber dinghy? Why of course
  • Angel of Death wings with firecracker edging? Tick
  • Rising platform that lifts the lead singer towards the ceiling? What do you think?
  • Obscure, tenuous narrative woven throughout performance? Quite possibly – I couldn’t tell

But no dry ice.

I must emphasise that, even though the list above looks absurd, there was absolutely no hint of unintentional comedy. Nor cruel parody for that matter. It was simply an imaginative show, executed magnificently. I would will go again.

And the music? I’m not very familiar with the Rammstein catalogue – though I’ve come across anthems like Du Hast (update: here’s their Wembley performance) – but it was All Good. If you like your industrial metal, then Rammstein will already be an important part of your musical diet. Unless you’re me.